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About Malshi


Prairie View's Malshi puppies for sale in Chicago area are a first generation cross between an AKC purebred Shih-Tzu mother and an AKC purebred Maltese father.

A $250 non-refundable deposit will hold a Malshi puppy for you until it is 8 weeks old at which time the balance will be due.


There are no Malshi puppies available at this time.  Below is a past litter that has already gone to their new homes.



Reserved for the Edwards!!!

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Malshi puppies blend the happy-go-lucky personality of the Maltese with the gentle personality of the Shih-tzu which produces super sweet malshi puppies that are perfect for families or individuals.

Both Shih-tzu and especially the Maltese puppies are considered to be hypoallergenic breeds.  Malshi puppies are highly recommended for those with allergies due to the hypoallergenic traits of the two purebreeds that have been crossed.

 Malshi Customer testimonial:

Our 11 year old daughter Tallulah was determined to have a [malshi] puppy! Her parents on the other hand… not so sure. We felt real trepidation about bringing another element into the mix of our already-overscheduled lives.  Especially, another high-maintenance element. We just weren’t sure…. But the love of our daughter , combined with her vigorous pro-puppy campaigning, won us over, and  Lucy came into our family at Christmas, 2012.

[Our malshi puppy] has been a pleasure and a joy, ever since! We know there are plenty of jokes about families who consider their dog to be a person, rather than a dog. But Lucy IS a person: she’s a short, hairy person, who was meant to be in our little family-- we’re certain of it.

Learning her routines-- and teaching her ours-- has been so much fun. Training her has been 98% successful and while we occasionally revisit the idea of capturing that elusive 2%, we recognize something more important: Lucy doesn’t have to be perfect, because the rest of her family isn’t, either. What Lucy’s little 9 lbs of ebullient fluff have brought to our family is such a gift of love, laughter, and companionship, beyond any expectation we had before we brought her home. [Our malshi puppy] has developed a special and unique rapport with each of us, and she makes us laugh aloud all the time with her sweet antics.  She goes with daddy to his office and waits patiently on a chair, watching him work. She loves to shop with us, lounge in our bathroom sink, monitor all neighborhood activities from her sofa arm perch, and play "Take" (which is her version of "Fetch").   She also loves to take long walks, investigating our neighborhood for blocks and blocks….….although sometimes she feels the urge to lay down and rest a bit before she commences the walk BACK home.  (Okay, we admit it: sometimes we carry her back home.)

From the first moment of our email correspondence with Jeff Moser, inquiring about choosing the right [malshi] puppy for our family, the adoption process has been delightful. Jeff understood that to a family with no puppy, this decision was monumental and daunting. He was patient with us through an extensive series of back-and-forth emails that in the end, truly reassured us. We could tell from our correspondence that Jeff is a kind man, and we felt certain that his [malshi] puppies – having lived amidst Jeff and his attentive family- would evince the behavior that comes from being treated with only kindness from birth. When we arrived at Prairie View, we immediately found that Jeff was indeed a gentle, considerate man- and his [malshi] puppies were wonderfully happy, healthy, joyful little spirits whose life thus far had been full of frisky play and sincere love.

In a time when the origin, breeding and sale of puppies is often under scrutiny in the news,  Prairie View  and Jeff  stand apart. His has a beautiful family farm where the [malshi] puppies have a sweet start in life, and the caretakers truly love their [malshi] puppies. Our experience with Jeff  in bringing our dear Lucy home to suburban Chicago was such a good one. Thank you , Jeff and family!


Adopted by Debra!!!

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Adopted by Aaron!!!

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Our Malshi puppies for sale in Illinois are loved and cared for from the moment they are born until they find their new homes.  Lovingly cared for and socialized by ourselves and our children, our malshi puppies are just waiting for the perfect match to find them.  Our malshi puppies will stay here with us until that match is made.  No sales will be made to pet stores or brokers.

Located near Chicago, we have sold many of our malshi puppies to families in the Chicago area.  To read more about our Malshi puppies for sale in Chicago, follow the links below.  We would like to encourage the owners of any of our malshi puppies sold in Chicago to send photos and comments of their experience of purchasing one of our malshi puppies.

























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