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Malshi Puppies for Sale in Chicago

We have been breeding our Shichon puppies for eight years now, and have recently begun offering malshi puppies for sale to our customers.  Since a large percentage of our past puppies have been adopted by families in Chicago, it is our hope that we will soon have many of our malshi puppies for sale in Chicago or surrounding Chicago suburbs.


This page will be used to attract malshi puppy interest from people in the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs.  We hope that many people from Chicago will  find our website, view our Malshi puppies for sale, and come visit us and our malshi puppies.


We would like to post photos or comments from any Chicago families that have adopted one of our Malshi puppies on our website.

Our malshi puppies come from AKC purebred adults.  Our AKC purebred Shih tzu mothers and our AKC purebred Maltese sires have been chosen for their cute faces, sweet personalities, and good health. 


 As a reputable Malshi breeder in Illinois, each Malshi puppy is placed in its individual home.  No Malshi puppy will be sold to a broker or pet store.