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Our shichon or malshi puppies do very well with young children as long as a few guidelines are set in place.   The children MUST be taught to understand the puppy and handle him properly.  Play time between our shichon or malshi puppies and children must be 100% supervised for the first couple months until the puppy gets older.  If you think about it ~ you wouldn’t allow your 2 or 3 year old to take your two month old baby into the other room to play with, would you?  Then please don’t allow them to take your new malshi or shichon puppy out of your sight.  Play periods must be kept short.  If you’ve been playing with the puppy for 10-15 minutes, then place the puppy back in its pen or crate so that it can have some rest time also.  Just as an infant, a new shichon or malshi puppy needs frequent rests.

Have your children sit on the floor so that they are at the puppy’s level.  Let the puppy come up to the children rather than the children going up to the puppy.  A child moves quickly and sometimes rather clumsily, and this could frighten a malshi or shichon puppy and cause it to nip in self defense.  A child should never run or shout while holding the puppy, as this also would cause the puppy to become frightened.  A malshi or shichon puppy will grow and mature just as a child grows and no longer needs as much supervision.

Shichon breeder in Illinois  |  Teddy Bear Breeder in Illinois  |  Shichon Puppies for Sale
 Teddy Bear Puppies for Sale | Shichon Puppies for Sale in Chicago
Teddy Bear Puppies for Sale in Chicago
Shichon Puppies for Sale in Illinois | Teddy Bear Puppies for Sale in Illinois 

Malshi breeder in Illinois  |  Malshi Puppies for Sale  |  Malshi Puppies for Sale in Chicago
Malshi Puppies for Sale in Illinois  |  Malshi Puppies

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