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Just a note and 2 photos of Ms. Totsi.  [Our teddy bear puppy] has 2 more tricks.  She "walks the plank" and does "please" now.  She is so funny and now she sits on her hind legs for everything and knows she looks adorable too.  She will also "box" with me in that position.

This will be the end of [our teddy bear puppy's] antics for a while since we are going on some mini-trips and taking her with us and we have a busy summer ahead of us.  She loves to travel and meet new people.  [Our teddy bear puppy] makes life much more interesting and we have no idea what we did to entertain us before she came along.  HA!


Have a great summer.  Gratefully,  Carroll/Ivan


We recommend attending obedience classes with your new malshi or teddy bear puppy.  A well trained malshi or teddy bear puppy makes a much better pet than one that is left to its own devices.  There are many local dog clubs that can be very helpful in assisting you in training your new malshi or teddy bear puppy.   You could also ask your veterinarian about any obedience classes or trainers in your area.  I would highly recommend purchasing and reading “The Dog Listener” or "The Puppy Listener" by Jan Fennell.  They are easy reading that is packed with good advice on getting your dog to willingly cooperate.  These books can be purchased very reasonably at

Totsi, our teddy bear puppy pictured on the left, is an amazing teddy bear puppy that is a perfect example of what amazing dogs these are and what is attainable with training.  Totsi's owners, Ivan and Carroll, have done an excellent job of training Totsi, their teddy bear puppy, to be a delightful companion.

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