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Shichon Puppies for Sale

Grayslake, IL

(Also known as Teddy Bear puppies for sale )



Many of our Teddy Bear Puppies have been adopted by families in our home state of Illinois, and more specifically by families in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, including Grayslake. It is our hope that our name will spread from family to family throughout Grayslake, and that many people looking for a Shichon or Teddy Bear puppy for sale near Grayslake will find our website on the search engines.  We hope that Grayslake families will take the time to browse our website, look over our Shichon or Teddy Bear puppies for sale and give us a call to discuss our Shichon or Teddy Bear puppies for sale. We are happy to take photos or video clips of our Shichon puppies and set up appointments for you to come and meet the puppies in person.


Anyone from Grayslake, Illinois that has adopted one of our Shichon puppies for sale can send us a photo of their Shichon puppy and a few comments on their experiences with their Shichon puppy or in dealing with us.  We'll be happy to post those photos and comments from our Grayslake families on this page.


  Each Shichon puppy is placed in its individual home.  No Shichon puppy will be sold to a broker or pet store.


Barney of Grayslake


One year old already and such a JOY. He is the “best” little dog we have ever had. One year of FUN for us. He is 12 pounds, all white and adorable. He loves to go outside for walks.  Thank you for such a wonderful puppy, we love him so much!



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