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About Shichon Puppies

 Shichon puppies are also called "Teddy Bear Puppies" because of their adorable teddy bear look.  For this reason, we use both the name "Shichon Puppies" or "Teddy Bear Puppies" interchangeably on our website.

Our shichon puppies for sale in Illinois, or otherwise known as Teddy Bear puppies for sale in Illinois, are loved and cared for by adults as well as our children from the moment they are born.  Shichon puppies and children compliment each other well.  The teddy bear puppies love the interaction with the children, and the children are always certain to find acceptance from our teddy bear puppies.

We feel honored to be able to prepare our shichon puppies for their new homes.  Each shichon puppy for sale in Chicago area, or teddy bear puppy for sale in Chicago area, will be sold on an individual basis.  No shichon puppy will be sold to a broker or pet store.  As a shichon breeder in Illinois (also known as a teddy bear breeder in Illinois), it is very important to us that our shichon or teddy bear puppies are loved and cared for.

We have sold many of our shichon puppies to families in the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs.  To read more about our shichon puppies for sale in the Chicago area, follow the links below.  We would like to encourage any of our families in the Chicago area that have adopted one of our shichon puppies for sale, or teddy bear puppies for sale, to send photos and comments about their experience of purchasing one of our shichon puppies!





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Shichon puppies for sale Nursery 1

(3 females ready after November 17th)


Shichon puppies for sale Nursery 2  

(2 females and 1 male ready after November 21st)



Shichon puppies for sale Nursery 3

  (No puppies in this nursery)

A $250 non-refundable deposit will hold a Shichon puppy for you until it is 8 weeks old at which time the balance will be due.


Prairie View's Shichon  puppies for sale in Chicago area are a first generation cross between an AKC purebred Shih-Tzu mother and an AKC purebred Bichon father.

Shichon puppies or Teddy Bear puppies are a mixed breed puppy or designer puppy that is increasing in popularity because of its darling "TeddyBear" look, it's excellent companionship qualities, and it's intelligence inherited from the Bichon.  Our shichon puppies for sale in the Chicago area are highly intelligent and train very easily and quickly. 

Shichon puppies have slightly longer noses than purebred Shih-Tzus.  This eliminates many of the breathing problems or snorting that is common in the Shih-Tzu breed because of their short noses. 

Shichon puppies or teddy bear puppies are considered hypoallergenic puppies.  They have hair instead of fur, which makes them non-shedding, and their dander is low.  Please take a moment to check out our available hypoallergenic puppies for sale in Illinois!!


Just an update on Totsi, [our shichon puppy].  She is now almost 9 months old and weighs a little over 8 pounds.  [Our shichon puppy] is a bundle of energy and the vet says if she can walk and enjoys it let her do it.  We go on 3 mile walks at a time and she just marches on and prefers to lead of course.  We have to insist she slow down.  It does not tire her out and sometimes we think it just fires her up.  We wanted energetic, and sassy and bright and we got it.

Ivan just adores [our shichon puppy] and has worked with her on tricks.  She has learned to roll over but has her own take on it.  She gets so excited she jumps in the air, chases her tail twice and then rolls over..and over and over.  One time it was 16 times.  Of course she gets a treat.  She will try and get her own way and never tires of trying to push the limits.  Reminds us of toddlers and teens!  HA!

Hope you are doing well.  We did get her groomed about a week and a half ago.   Her fur grows faster than any we have seen and [our shichon puppy] is adorable.  We prefer her fur grown out more but that does not take long.  We thank you again for being so nice when we were so sad because we could not have the other dog...but we know God wanted us to have this precious feisty [shichon puppy]. 

Fondly, Ivan and Carroll


Below is a video clip of one of our past puppies.  Totsi is an excellent example of how intelligent a shichon puppy can be.  Many thanks to Ivan and Carroll for giving her such an excellent home  and doing such a good job of caring for and training Totsi!!

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