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Shichon puppies can also be called Teddy Bear Puppies.  To make things simpler for our website, we refer to all of our Teddy Bear puppies for sale as Shichon puppies for sale or visa versa.  We would also be considered a reputable Teddy Bear breeder in Illinois.

Shichon Puppies for Sale in Chicago

(Also known as Teddy Bear puppies for sale in Chicago)



Many of our Teddy Bear Puppies have been adopted by families in our home state of Illinois, and more specifically by families in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.  Since a large percentage of our shichon puppies have been adopted by Chicago families, we are dedicating a page of our website to those families. 


Obviously, many people have been visiting our website and viewing our Shichon Puppies for Sale in Chicago.  As a reputable Shichon breeder or Teddy Bear breeder in Illinois, it is our hope that many more families from Chicago will find our website, view our Teddy Bear puppies for sale, and come visit us to adopt their new family member!  Each Shichon puppy is placed in its individual home.  No Shichon puppy will be sold to a broker or pet store.




Cricket Curley of Naperville

Mushu Hickman of Naperville

Chloe Joseph of Oak Park