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We bought Tessa ( now Daisy) from you back in October. She has turned out to be so cute that multiple people have asked me where I got her.  

She’s a tiny little thing with a big personality, lol. Even our trainer said you guys did a great job with her!

Just wanted to say thanks! We are so happy!


The Larson Family



We love Barney more each day.  He is so adorable and everyone who meets him agrees!


Marilyn from Illinois






    Thank you for our pup, Rocky! This is his first experience with snow. He is beyond joyful!



He’s a great dog!!!! Seriously- we had no idea how amazing how he would be for our family!!!   We are soooo crazy happy with our pup from you!


 Linda from Illinois






Here is my baby, Theo!

He just turned 5 in April!

He is the best thing to ever happen to me!

I have you to thank, Jeff!



Maryanne from New York



We couldn’t love our sweet calm mannered pup more!


The Palcers




Hello! We adopted a puppy from you in 2010. Our dog, Chloe, is 11 and doing well. Attached is a pic of her. So, just reaching out to tell you what a great dog Chloe has been. Thanks!


The Cass family from Illinois



I bought my Teddy (Leo or Louie was your name for him) from you last year in early April. His first birthday just passed on February 7. 

I just wanted to share that he's doing great! Fuzzy ball of sweet energy we love so much.  

Thank you,

Evie from Chicago



I just wanted to check in with you and let you know what a complete joy Max has been to our family. He is quite simply the smartest, most gentle and loving creature on this earth. 

He arrived to us in PHX on 12-17-07, M2 of Betsy and Scamp's October nursery.

We go on your website quite often to see the new [shichon] pups. Some of them look so much like Max. (I attached a picture of him from quite a while ago when he was just 2 or so).

It seems your pups are quite popular. When will the next nursery be full? We are always thinking one more..... :)

The Pattons from Arizona


We are so in love with Farfel that I can't stand it.  He's the sweetest, smartest, cutest thing.  You breed lovely [shichon puppies].  People are stopping me left and right.  You may get a lot of inquiries from Mass.


Julie from Massachusetts



Hi Jeff! 

Four years ago we purchased our "Gus" from you, on the coldest day in January ever! Gus continues to be a joy. He has a wonderful disposition, loves to "go" anywhere, anytime, loves walks, and continues to sleep in our bed. He loves being groomed too. All in all he is the best dog we have ever been owners of, and if anything ever would happen to him we would certainly purchase another.

Just thought I would give you an update, as he is getting older, but continues to be very loving, and a good watchdog.

Thanks again

Betty from Oakwood, Illinois




This is Maddie (a shichon) who now lives in Yorkville, IL.

Just wanted to give you a 1 year picture of Maddie, [our shichon puppy].  She is an easygoing [shichon] and everyone that meets her loves her.  On walks she picks up every little twig that she is strong enough to carry.  She loves to go for rides in the car and play with other dogs in the neighborhood.  This fall she won a dog costume contest at a local pet shop!  (She was a princess!) Several people have told us that we should consider having [our shichon puppy] become a therapy dog when she gets a little older. 

Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to our family!

Alicia and Jim



This is Molly (a malshih) who now lives in Oregon.


This is Rolo Tomasi (a shichon) who now lives in California.

Just wanted to check in with you and let you know how much we love our little [shichon] pupp. 

[Our shichon puppy's] name is Rolo Tomasi.

Thanks a bunch!

 Vincent and Maryam



This is Totsi Pettifor (a shichon) who now lives in Michigan.

Here is a photo of little dynamite, Totsi.

Because we did not know her stamina, we started [our shichon puppy] out walking 15 minutes and then added 5 each time.  We were up to about 30 minutes with her.  Last night we wanted to go on our usual 1 hour walk.  I suggested we take the stroller so she could try for 40 and we would stroll her the other 20.  It will be the last time!  She did great for 40 minutes and when we got home she wanted to run and play.  That was at the end of the day!

Today we took [our shichon puppy] on an hour walk and she was amazing.  We stop halfway and she laps water out of Ivan's hands and is ready to go.  Her pace is fast for her size....7 pounds and 8 months old. She easily keeps up with us.  She saw her first frog today.  She has not started to explore the outside yet.  [Our shichon puppy] is adorable and amazing.  Have a great weekend. 

Love,  Pettifor's



Congratulations to Maddie Lapke (shichon on the left) who has become a certified therapy dog!!  Bella (shichon on the right) joined her in 2011.  They both live in Illinois.


This is Molly Kline (a shichon) that lives in Illinois.


This is Mini Fedak (a shichon).


This is Cricket Curley (a shichon) that lives in Illinois.


This is Lady Schnelle (a shichon) who now lives in Missouri.


This is Mushu Hickman (a shichon) who now lives in northern Illinois.


This is Chloe Joseph (a shichon) who now lives in northern Illinois.



This is Dublin Carland (a shichon) who now lives in Arizona.  Baci (also a shichon) joined his big brother.


This is Schatzie Leaman (a shichon) who now lives in Germany.




This is Bailey Duffey (a shichon) who now lives in Wisconsin.



This is Zoey (a shichon) at 16 weeks.  She now lives in northern IL.


This is Maggie McRae, Zeke Garard, and Tiffi Sprau (all shichons) posing together.  They all live in central Illinois.


This is Tiffi Sprau (a Shichon) who now lives in central IL.



This is Lexie Gooding (a Shichon) who now lives in Iowa.


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