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...not sure if you remember us, but we got our handsome boy Charlie from you. We came there one afternoon and brought our Shichon Sophie, whom had a blast running out the door lol. Well I just wanted to give you a 5month update and let you know this little [shichon puppy] is a healthy 10 pounds!  He loves to be showered with love from us and he and Sophie are inseparable, but he still loves his alone time at night in his crate. We wanted to send you guys a picture and thank you once again for helping us complete our family.

Carrie from IL


Here's an updated picture of Rocky.  He's been great for the family.  Feel free to use the picture on your website if you want.


Thanks for the great [Shichon puppy],


The Gorrepatis from Illinois

Just wanted to send a quick note to say "Thank you" again for letting us bring home Elsa!  She has made herself at home quickly and is loved by everyone!  She has helped fill a missing part of our family.  She truly is such a sweet, sassy, and very smart [Shichon] puppy! Not to mention adorable and brings much attention wherever she goes!!  We will keep you updated but wanted you to know [our shichon puppy] is doing well and is very loved!!


Thank you!!

The Smith Family from IL

We bought a shichon puppy from you in 2009 and absolutely adore him.  We named him Dexter and other than not loving other dogs, he is absolutely fabulous and perfect for us.


Thank you so much! 

Wendy from Illinois


Gizzmo (a shichon puppy) would like to express his thanks for the yummy treats!  What a pleasant surprise to find in the mailbox!  I have been teaching [our shichon puppy] to come, sit, and lay down on command.  I think down is going to be the hardest to learn since Gizzmo is an "alpha" dog.  He likes to be "in charge" and has been known to push our sheltie which is 4 times his size around.  Gizzmo's bossy personality is what makes [our shichon puppy] enjoyable to have in the family most of the time.  Sometimes he earns a timeout in his crate because he thinks he owns the entire neighborhood and barks at the neighbors in their backyard-through the window while balancing on the arm of a Lazyboy chair on his hind legs--what a sight that is.  Gizzmo is a pleasure to have around and I am so glad we got him.  You are breeding some super cute, personable [shichon] puppies at your house.


Cindy from Illinois



Molly [malshi puppy] is enjoying a week of puppy play with her little brother, Dexter [another malshi puppy], while Merrianne is off on vacation for a week.  In retrospect, it was a great idea to introduce the puppies when Dexter arrived in July.  The two of them never missed a beat when Molly walked in the front door Thursday night and they seem to be giving as well as they’re getting during playtime.  The best part is that they seem to collapse after about 15 minutes and retreat to their respective corners for naptime.

Yesterday Merrianne bought a leash extension so both [malshi puppies] can be attached to one leash.  It’s a Y configuration.  The tail of the Y is attached to one leash; the two “arms” of the Y are attached to the collars.  It seems to be working and I have a modicum more control than if I had to deal with two [malshi] puppies on separate leashes. 

Having  fencing has also made it possible for me to re-install the dog door, allowing the furry folks to come and go at whim.  This is the first I’ve had the door up for Dexter (he learned how to use a dog door at his first home); Molly was already familiar with it.  After watching Molly go in and out a few times, Dexter decided he could do it, too.  We’re so proud of him!

Another “first” or two:  Dexter found a spot on one of our walks last week and decided to mark his territory!  And more importantly, he lifted his leg to do it!  Our little [malshi puppy] is growing up.  :0)  When he tried lifting his leg the next day to mark is territory, he fell over.  Made for an amusing moment and he didn’t appear to be phased by the abrupt ending to his endeavor.  What a champ.

Dexter started puppy training classes at the local Humane Society last week.  Because he was well-trained with Jeff and the family (Myrna did a great job with [my malshi puppy]) he’s far ahead of his classmates.  

I’ve worked with him on a couple lessons that pertain to living in an urban area.  Our hill has no sidewalks, so we have to walk in the street.  Dexter has learned to walk along the curbside (and heels quite well most of the time...thank you, Myrna).

While Sister Carol was visiting this summer, she worked with Dexter on stopping at street corners and checking for traffic.  Dexter stops and sits until he hears “ready, cross”.  We’re still working on checking right and left before we cross and he actually does it about 60% of the time.  It’s cute to see and it’s pretty good for a little guy who is sometimes more interested in watching birds fly or people walk by.

Aside from comments about how adorable [my malshi puppy] is, we hear lots of people express surprise that he is so mellow and well behaved.  My heartfelt thanks to Jeff and the Moser family.

Beverly from California




This photo is a rare occasion...usually when Dexter sees the camera in front of my face he turns away just a half second before I press the shutter button.  This is the face lots and lots of people see and fall in love with when we take our walks.  My view is of his gorgeous tail!

We get compliments everywhere we go; not only on how cute [my malshi puppy] is, also on how calm and well-behaved he is for a puppy.  I proudly tell people what a great beginning Dexter had with a loving family and a trainer who did a fabulous job.  Your training gave Dexter a solid foundation and makes [my malshi puppy] eager to learn more. 

Hugs ~ Dexter and Beverly from California







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